Anti-Corruption Voices Foundation (ACVF) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization  (NGO) under the NGO Act, No. 24 of 2002 operating in Tanzania Mainland. The ACVF is a public center to facilitate the creation of national situation awareness of corruption. We are only one civil society organization specializing in building voices for Anti-Corruption movement in Tanzania.

ACVF main objectives are;

  • Create sufficient Public awareness of corruption
  • Encourage Society willingness to act against corruption
  • Commit public administration and political actors to combat corruption effectively.

ACVF is the civil society organization leading the fight against corruption. It brings people together to end the devastating impact of corruption on men, women, youth and children around the world. ACVF challenges the inevitability of corruption, and offers tools to fight against it.

Since its inception, ACVF has played a leading role in the fight against corruption in Tanzania by building momentum for the anti-corruption movement. ACVF raises awareness and diminishes apathy and tolerance of corruption. Moreover, the organization devises and implements practical tools and actions to address it.


The non-governmental organisation to be known as  ANTI-CORRUPTION VOICES    shall be a voluntary, non profit, non-partisan, autonomous organization which shall be organized locally at both the grassroots and national levels   focus on the fighting and eradicating all forms of corruption in Tanzania.



A corruption free Tanzania where people and institutions in all spheres of society are free from corruption in all their dealings


The Mission of the NGO is to promote a culture of transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels of the Tanzanian society.


The Organization shall abide to the following core values

  • Transparency and Accountability

We value and promote transparency and accountability in all our work

  • Nonpartisan and Democratic

We will be democratic, politically none partisan and none religious affiliations, and this makes it possible to work with diverse partners in diverse environment

  • Integrity and quality

We value and promote integrity and quality in all the work that we do. We will maintain high degree of confidentiality on any information received from the public as confidential.

  • Justice

We will respect and encourage respect for fundamental human rights and freedom


  1. Engaging the public and private sectors in dialogue that strengthens and encourages accountability and transparency.
  2. To Increase citizen’s participation in the fight against all forms of corruption through education and awareness building programs.
  3. To collaborate, link up and or work with all stakeholders in the government and civil society, including community based organisations, faith based organisations and non-governmental organisations in order to fight all forms of corruption.
  4. To advocate for and influence anti-corruption policies and practices which enhance equity, quality, transparency and accountability among Tanzanian societies and related areas.
  5. To gather and store information, make it accessible and promote information sharing and networking among civil society and general public on corruption, good governance, transparency, accountability and related matters.
  6. To monitor impact of corruption on related policies and programs at all levels of government and community.
  7. To conduct research, inquiries, studies and advocacy on corruption and related matters.
  8. To engage in processes that monitor or improve international and national strategies which promote good governance, accountability, transparency, right to information and related matters.
  9. To work with members and local communities to enhance their capability to undertake the objectives listed herein.
  10. To participate in or take part in various local, national, regional and international forums processes and activities aimed at curbing corruption.
  11. To conduct various educational forums such as campaigns, seminars, workshops, public hearings, media briefings, information and sensitisation activities to policy makers’ and the general public on anti-corruption education and related issues.
  12. To further cooperate, federate, amalgamate, affiliate in part or in whole with or to subscribe to any governmental or non-governmental organisation whose objectives are in general or in part similar to the objects of the Company and which is not carrying on business for profit or gain.
  13. To fundraise for activities of the NGO on such terms as are compatible with the autonomy of the NGO and within the ambit of these objectives, its mission and vision.



Sepesha Rushwa is a Swahili phrase meaning “End Corruption” the phrase s inspired by the new generation of which ACVF generation for change. “Corruption is the enemy of justice” is a common phrase that even justice itself seems worthless in the face of corruption. We as a foundation that works to prevent corruption have seen the current generation of young people and we would like to plant a seed of change to enhance young people with appropriate knowledge and skills well educated and encouraged to hate corruption and join us in the campaign to eradicate corruption to allow development to flourish and the well-being of the people to grow.

ACVF our goals are long-term mainly involving behavior change, so we strive to invest our efforts using the behavioral science approach in order to invest the right techniques in facilitating behavior change. The Sepesha Rushwa Campaign carries the responsibility of making a difference in not only rejecting corruption but also actively participating in eradicating corruption in all its forms thus enabling patriotic and constructive youth to live a happy life in a corruption-free society.

Our campaign is inspired by the global campaign of “Zero Corruption-100% Development” a six-month campaign organized by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), our organization appreciates the global leaders to set the ground for uprooting corruption that we aim to implement the campaign from the grassroots.

Sepesha  Rushwa campaign will be implemented in two years and will complement the national, regional and global efforts on Anti-corruption hence achieving sustainable results. The campaign is youthful, from design to implementation. Young people are the driving force and change agents. The campaign is youth-led and focuses on strengthening behavior change towards free corruption in Tanzania.


Phone no: +255 712 180920,   +255 765 123454








Office location:  Ubungo Chai Bora. Dar Es Salaam

                             Makole Street   Dodoma.Bottom of Form