Sepesha Rushwa is a Swahili phrase meaning “End Corruption” the phrase s inspired by the new generation of which ACVF generation for change. “Corruption is the enemy of justice” is a common phrase that even justice itself seems worthless in the face of corruption. We as a foundation that works to prevent corruption have seen the current generation of young people and we would like to plant a seed of change to enhance young people with appropriate knowledge and skills well educated and encouraged to hate corruption and join us in the campaign to eradicate corruption to allow development to flourish and the well-being of the people to grow.

ACVF our goals are long-term mainly involving behavior change, so we strive to invest our efforts using the behavioral science approach in order to invest the right techniques in facilitating behavior change. The Sepesha Rushwa Campaign carries the responsibility of making a difference in not only rejecting corruption but also actively participating in eradicating corruption in all its forms thus enabling patriotic and constructive youth to live a happy life in a corruption-free society.

Our campaign is inspired by the global campaign of “Zero Corruption-100% Development” a six-month campaign organized by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC), our organization appreciates the global leaders to set the ground for uprooting corruption that we aim to implement the campaign from the grassroots.

Sepesha  Rushwa campaign will be implemented in two years and will complement the national, regional and global efforts on Anti-corruption hence achieving sustainable results. The campaign is youthful, from design to implementation. Young people are the driving force and change agents. The campaign is youth-led and focuses on strengthening behavior change towards free corruption in Tanzania.